The Notorious

Spring might just be the best season for your wardrobe. On the one hand, you don't need the bulky coats or the thousands of layers, and on the other hand, there's still no need to expose much skin, which is still in much need of some vitamin D after the winter.

By layering, combining long sleeves with short sleeves, and mixing up winter and summer styles, this time of year is especially inspiring. And of course, here at Olive Thomas, our tendency is to look down, towards the feet, which lead us to focus on the hottest trend this season, which also solves the "how to march into spring without getting my toes cold" problem.

It's very simple- just take out your favourite transitional shoes and your loveliest pair of socks.
The notorious "socks and sandals combo" may sound and look like a first-degree fashion crime, but if you do it right that you can use that almost forgettable and mostly hidden element to pull off a stylish, interesting look.







It's important to expose the right amount of leg for the look to work. We also recommend equipping yourself with t-h-e jeans for the job- not too skinny, perfectly ripped, that hit the ankle at just the right spot (or that are folded to just the right spot).





Keep the colours balanced and in the right doses – colourful, graphic prints are worn well with monochrome shoes and vice versa. Pro's can take it a step further and mix shoes and socks from similar graphic families.

Refine your socks and combine them wisely with your clothes. Try out sheer or glittery socks for a gentler, more elegant look and thicker, graphic socks for a more casual style.


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