This is not another list of trends or seasonal colors, the newest cut or the next decade to make a comeback.
This is about how to match that certain article of clothing to the right pair of shoes or rather your favorite pair of shoes to that certain article of clothing. We’ve collected 5 style tricks that focus on our lower half but will make you feel your most confident, empowered self.

  1. Tailored trousers + Sneakers
    Maybe it’s thanks to Hilary, but pantsuits are officially in. Instead of heels or oxfords, wear sneakers to add the necessary twist to your suit pants.

  2. Mules + Socks
    Luckily, mules are here to stay, and just because it’s getting a little chilly doesn’t mean you have to give them up. Bring on those fish-net, sparkly or velvet socks.

    Mules and socks
  3. Knee-high Socks + Flats
    The key to this look is to avoid thick/sports socks and stick to sheer or mesh socks, especially those with applications such as pearls and jewels. Style with anything from ballerina flats to sandals.

  4. White Shoes!
    Although black goes with everything, those who want to break their routine can turn to white. Bold colors matched with white shoes are a deal breaker.

    White shoes
  5. Mix It Up
    Swinging 20’s and Military Boots? The winter is the perfect opportunity to clash styles.


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